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Enjoy a taste of the Olde' World

Try some of The Fat Friar's Mead


The Fat Friarís Mead 12.5 Abv.

This semi dry mead is classified as a show mead by the fact that it is nothing but Honey and water fermented. The aromas of wildflower and honey are pronounced with a slightly zestful finish. This is slightly oaked to add complexity and character. This mead lends itself well to Mediterranean dishes like olives and hummus, or Scallops.



The Minstral Richardís Cherry Mellomel 12.5% Abv.

The Minstral Richardís Cherry Mellomel is a Mead made with dark cherries. This slightly fruity mead is best described as velvety. Similar to a dry Roseí it accompanies a white fish well, or serves as a great sipping mead served slightly chilled.


The Fat Friarís Capsumel 12.5% Abv.

An experiment with sweet and spicy, the Fat Friar added chili pepper to his mead and found the results to be extraordinary. This mead has a kick, but not too hot. The spice invigorates you and goes well with any dish that may be in need of a hint of spice. Chocolate goes well with this too. Some folks have turned this into a cocktail by adding pineapple juice and lime and it is called The Newcastle Stingah.



The Maid Maya 12.5% Abv.

This Mead is a sweet mead, flavored with orange, cinnamon, and clove. Perfect for the hiliday season. Delicious as is, or warmed for that mulled experience. Enjoy The Maid Maya today!




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